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8 Ağustos 2011 Pazartesi

What is the English description of series

Hi friends watch and the number of array will prepare an article on.
Understanding is through SEO Article
I hope you like it you may have difficulty writing text.

This time I chose two words so difficult to achieve the impossible gerçekten'de
Of course, these words of What is the word?
dizi izle, and
Number of words

What about the watch and the number of words in Series D
knows that. I was squeezing you in our lives, and Turkish television by more than
When the input range of industry? Array in our lives' TO
What is the average time we spend? What are the most-watched Series? as
I will give answers to questions our heads leaving a question mark

When the Turkish television sector input array

With the introduction of television in our country than in Europe, too late
olmuştur.Televizyonculuğun progress' too slow for this reason the

At first, only certain hours at TRT series and films
yapılırdı.Bunlarda foreigners. The Turkish people's first guess is
As a series of the Mavericks,
Cosby with his family
Watch series of 'Let's add some. Then
Number of URLs discovered the interesting aspects of the Series
began to be monitored, and taste.

Array in our lives is' What is the average time we spend for TO?

A Turkish Series average 90
takes minutes or so.

Almost a full 3 hours with annoying ads

Considering that the 3 months holiday a year, 1 season is 40 episodes or something

Section 40 in 3 hours and 120 hours per year multiply the screen at the beginning we are

The 200-page novel, a book or read about 120 to 150 minutes.

2 or 2.5 hours or 1 book makes novel

120 to 150 hours of time that we spend a season series to watch

Buddha means about 60 books or book

Understand these things. Why so much valuable time with a year
Ing number of dedicating watch? What we
pass: ((

Let's take a look at these figures

1 human working 8 hours a day, even as efficient as a clear 4 hours worked
happening. Buddha is 90 hours per month

Series 2 a week we think we monitor it, this
is approximately 240 hours per year.

240 hours per year is almost 3 months
will work. I think the pity so much time zamanımıza.Bu
Watch series of 'instead of me
knows a very different way değerlendirile.

For example, sports, reading books, etc. Taking the time eşimize or beloved

Let us come 3 our question

What are the most-watched Series?

Personally, I rank myself leaving the response to this question, let me give

Put the name of the Feriha
Download now
Mothers and Daughters
Share Tell a Friend
rear Streets
Artiz School
Yemişliler Up Down
Haifa Wehbe
Love and Punishment
My father Sagolsun
starring the Love
Behzat O
Download now
Love in a Slice
Endless Song
our views
dear Father
Let's check
Cennet Mahallesi
Cocuklar Duymasin
Very Fine Movements
sea ​​Star
deep Waters
listen Dear
disco King
Düriyenin Buckets
Are obtained from Life
What Fatmagülün Crime
Movie Trailers
Large Family
Abraham's Supper
Download now
Would Huysuzla Dance
Istanbul Golds
Izmir gang
I chose my heart
police station
Kavak Yeller
Where is my daughter
Comedy Shop
Little Lady
Little Secrets
Bilal lead
Wayne Valley of the Wolves
My cousins
tulip Period
Layla and Majnun
Mazi wound in my heart
magnificent Century
It is a tolerable Zamanki
Sakarya Euphrates
lucky Table
Add your own to go
I have written to me
magic Mom
Star Academy
Celebrity Survivor
Single Turkey
repentance, repentance
Going Uskudara
Sherlock Growth
Love in the Sky
Higher Ground
Poison Ivy

Me so much:), then the time our article here sonlandırıyorum.Daha
I found in my article More yazacağım.Sizlerde google search for you
By searching in the form of series watch
You can read articles, and more

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